Formulary Lookup
Scheme   How to use the Formulary Lookup  
Option   Step 1:   Select your medical scheme or fund from the Scheme drop-down list  

Step 2:   Select your medical scheme option or fund option from the Option drop-down list  
Search   Step 3:   Select your search type Product or Condition search
Product     Product search selection Condition search selection
  Step 4:  Type in your product or medicine name and select the correct product from the Product drop-down list

Type in the chronic condition in the search section


Select from the Condition drop-down list

Search   Step 5:  Click on "Submit"


select from the Condition drop-down list and click on "Submit"
Click on "Submit" - this will display all the products on the formulary for the selected condition


Type in your product or medicine in the search section and select from the Product drop-down list and Click on "Submit" - This will display the product and its' generic alternatives if applicable
Condition   Step 6:  In the green area, click on the product or select the correct condition for your medicine - this will then display all the generic alternatives Click anywhere on product line to view generic alternatives
    Note: You can also input your quantity in the "Prescribed Quantity" field which wil adjust the pricing
    Step 7:  Click "Restart" to do a new search
  Note: If message "Product not in formulary" appears, then the product is not in formulary or not covered on this option or condition