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Selfmed Formulary Lists

Mediscor PBM has been appointed by Selfmed Medical Scheme to manage your chronic medicine benefit.

In order for you to obtain authorisation for your chronic medicines your health care provider (pharmacist or doctor) needs to contact Mediscor ChroniLineTM for authorisation.

During the authorisation process certain information will be requested from your health care provider. Based on this information your chronic condition will be registered and the appropriate medicines will be authorised.

As part of the authorisation process you will be informed whether you will be liable to pay any co-payment/s or if the medicines are not covered on you particular medical scheme benefit.

To register your chronic condition, change an existing authorisation or if you have any enquiries about chronic medicine contact:

Mediscor ChroniLineTM:

Tel:   0860 119 553                 
Fax: 0866 151 509
E-mail : preauth@mediscor.co.za


Selfmed Medical Scheme:

Tel:   0860 787 372            
Fax: 0860 633 277
E-mail : chronicmed@selfmed.co.za

*Please note: Within the Excel spreadsheet, please use "CTRL-F" to search for 'Medicine Name', 'Active Ingredient', 'Therapeutic Class' or 'NAPPI Code'.

Selfmed Chronic Formularies

Selfmed 80%
Med Elite


    CDL conditions
   Addison’s Disease
   Bipolar Mood Disorder
   Cardiac Failure
   Chronic Renal Disease
   Coronary Artery Disease
   Crohn's Disease
   Diabetes Insipidus
   Diabetes Mellitus Type I
   Diabetes Mellitus Type II
   Multiple Sclerosis
   Parkinson’s Disease
   Rheumatoid Arthritis
   Systemic Lupus     Erythematosus
   Ulcerative Colitis
    Additional chronic     conditions
   Alzheimer’s Disease
   Ankylosing Spondylitis
   Benign Prostatic    Hypertrophy
   Cushing’s Disease
   Cystic Fibrosis
   Deep Vein Thrombosis
   Motor Neuron Disease
   Muscular Dystrophy
   Myasthenia Gravis
   Obsessive Compulsive    Disorder
   Paget’s Disease
   Panic Disorder
   Polyarteritis Nodosa
   Post Traumatic Stress    Syndrome
   Pulmonary Interstitial    Fibrosis
   Tourette’s Disease

Members are advised to verify that their relevant conditions are covered by their Medical Scheme.


Please note that the Mediscor Formularies are reviewed regularly by the Mediscor Pharmaceutical and Therapeutics Committee to ensure that they comply with the latest industry norms for the treatment of these conditions. Mediscor PBM Pty Ltd reserves the right to change medicines to comply with the latest industry norms for the treatment of the listed conditions. Mediscor PBM Pty Ltd reserves the right to change medicines included in the formulary when important or new information is made available, e.g. on new findings regarding the safety of medicine.

Reservation of Copyright

Mediscor PBM reserves its copyright and all its other rights in or in respect of the Mediscor Formularies.  No part of the Mediscor Formularies may be reproduced, photocopied, recorded or stored in any retrieval system, or transmitted by any means, electronic, mechanical or otherwise, without the written permission of Mediscor PBM.

Last update: 1 January 2013